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It is very important to maintain good health, which is most valuable in life. Each of us must do our best, even if we have to avoid certain things to be healthy, to fight against diseases. It would be better to be careful not to get sick: prevention is better than cure. Discover the things you should apply to keep your health on our site. We offer you the best recommendations.

Some food tips to be healthy

It is best for you to avoid or minimize the consumption of red meat, animal protein is not good for you. Focus on good fats, focus on the following foods: nuts, fish, olive oil, flax seeds, vegetables, lean meats, and especially white meats. We also recommend farm free poultry without hormones and antibiotics. On the other hand, good chewing is very important for your health so take your time when you eat, and avoid skipping your meals. If you have the opportunity, eat fruits and vegetables on a regular basis that is to eat natural foods in color. Reduce your sugar consumption as much as possible.

Practice to maintain your health

You should have regular physical activity. Adults must practice moderate activity 150 minutes a week and children and youth moderate to vigorous activity for at least 60 minutes a day. Sport rejuvenates you, it improves the physical appearance. In addition, it reduces stress, strengthens bones, increases energy. It would be better for you to practice a regular aerobics activity; this will allow the proper functioning of the rhythm of your heart and your breathing. Examples include: daily walking, swimming, biking, climbing up and down stairs ... Then massage to relieve pain, improve sleep, and help open the mind. Meditate to reduce anxiety and other depressive tendencies, to reinforce positive emotions and attention skills. In the evening, relax well.

If you can put these habits into practice on a daily basis, you will have the chance to live longer.

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